The Brasserie

The Brasserie

Anno 1918

One of Hungary’s most famous hotels has been receiving guests on the site of today’s Gellért Brasserie since 1918. When the hotel was built, besides the elegant restaurants it was planned to include a simpler restaurant serving excursionists in summer and local residents in winter.

From 1927 the famous Gundel family contracted for the hotel’s entire hospitality, from the snack bar at the pool, through the coffee lounge and bars to all the indoors restaurants. Károly Gundel thought that, together with the elegant rooms, this brasserie could be a very good solid restaurant for people not staying in the hotel, and so he developed and opened the terrace as well.

A separate kitchen was built for the Brasserie in 1960 and from then on it became a restaurant in its own right, where grandfathers and grandsons came to enjoy a beer together.

The present

The Present

Budapest’s oldest brasserie is opening in 2015 a new chapter in its history with interiors that follow the latest trends. The dishes of contemporary Hungarian cuisine are made with unaccustomed ingredients and match the flavours of the handcraft beers.

The chef

The chef

The chef of Gellért Brasserie opening its doors to Hungarian guests is the young and creative András Frideczky who has worked in a number of renowned restaurants such as a Cyrano, az U26 és a Baldaszti’s, and taught in the Csillagánizs Cooking School together with Viktor Segal and Péter Várvizi.

The kitchen

The chef considers it very important that the dishes should be sincere and have character, with a few key spices and herbs, something that is not found everywhere. The ingredients speak for themselves. Besides the à la carte menu that is changed every season, the weekly menu follows nature, not the calendar.